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Ghom is a new character to Diablo, and his title is the Lord of Gluttony.

He is a servant of Azmodan, and is encountered about a third of the way through Act III in the Larder. Defeating him completes the last quest in Bastion's Keep, and frees a character up to leave the keep and battle on the frozen surface areas.

Ghom serves alongside Cydaea the Maiden of Lust, and Rakanoth, the Lord of Anguish. Ghom appears to have been modeled after the original Thousand Pounder monster type.

Ghom spends his time disrupting the food stores of Bastion's Keep from a breach in the walls, in the larder, in an effort to assist his master Azmodan with the siege. There is a lore book entry that can be gotten from his arena from a half-digested corpse after Ghom has been dealt with.

Diablo III Monster [e]
Portrait The Larder.png
Bosshead.png          Boss          Bosshead.png
Classification: Demons
Monster Family: Bosses
Role: Boss
Monster Stats
Life: Unknown
Mana: Unknown
Armor: Unknown
Resistance: Unknown
Armament: Belly?
DPS: Unknown
Low Damage: Unknown
High Damage: Unknown
Range: Melee
Speed: Unknown
Movement: Unknown
Monster Modifiers
Found In

Boss Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ghom has very few abilities, and a very specific dynamic: Stay out of the green stuff.

  • Acid Slimes - Ghom will rear forward, ejecting copious amounts of poisonous slime from his mouth-belly. The acid on the ground does AoE damage, and also produces three small slime monsters which can be killed for health globes. Ghom can cast this a screen's length away and, while if the player is at range they do not take damage from the acid, the slimes will spawn at the hero's position.
  • Sneeze - Ghom will thrash back and forth in a sneezing motion. This attack is not accompanied by audio, and while in and of itself it doesn't do damage, it produces the gas cloud attack.
  • Gas Cloud - The gas clouds from Ghom's sneeze (which means that the clouds are not due to flatulence) will surround Ghom and linger for quite a while, harming anything in its wake. The Gas Clouds once caused a slow on the player which could stack up to five times, but this was removed in a patch.
  • Chomp - Chomp is Ghom's melee attack, where he lunges forward towards the player, attempting to swallow them whole from his gaping belly-mouth. This attack does moderate damage.
  • Inferno] Difficulty: As of Patch 1.0.3, Gas Clouds will last longer, spawn 2 at a time, and (after 4 minutes) spawn more quickly. This is Ghom's enrage timer.

Post-Release Adjustments[edit | edit source]

Ghom was considered a very challenging enemy when Diablo III was released, especially on Inferno difficulty, where his poisonous gas clouds soon filled the entire screen, forcing players to defeat him before then, or die. This mechanic turned Ghom into yet another of the many Inferno "gear checks" where characters with sufficient damage could triumph, while characters without sufficiently-powerful gear failed regardless of their play skill or style.

This was changed in the v1.04 patch as Ghom was rebalanced to make the fight more of a tactical struggle that didn't simply reward brute damage output.[1]

Ghom Abilities
  • Breath Attack
    • Pets and Followers should now only take 10% damage from the breath attack
  • Gas Cloud
    • The rate at which Ghom spawns Gas Clouds has been reduced by approximately 20%
    • The cooldown on Ghom’s Gas Cloud attack has been increased from 6-10 seconds to 10-13 seconds
    • Pets and Followers should now only take 5% damage from Gas Clouds
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where certain movement skills were granting immunity to Ghom’s gas clouds if cast while inside the cloud (and if ** the player never left the cloud’s area of effect)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Ghom originated as a demon called Gluttony, when part of the game lore and monster design was to have one boss representing each of the Seven Deadly Sins. This plan was modified during production.

Ghom's Stats Per Difficulty
Difficulty Max. Health Min. Damage Damage Delta Run Speed Level
Normal 17799 101 101 0.431 26
Nightmare 184522 878 878 0.455 46
Hell 872847 3776 3776 0.479 58
Inferno 6116136 56743 56743 0.503 63

Note: Ghom has the exact same movement speed per difficulty as Maghda.

Gallery[edit | edit source]