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Shatterbone, Acolyte of Torment, is a Dark Berserker who resides on the outskirts of Alcarnus in Act II. He is encountered on the quest City of Blood and will run to greet you as you try to enter Alcarnus.

He doesn't have any special attacks but his melee Berserker Slam is devastating, If he lands it. It's pretty easy to avoid as he takes his time about bringing his weapon down so there is time to move out of the way before his weapon lands. His weapon will land with such force that it gets stuck in the ground and he will take a couple of seconds to pull it free which you can use to inflict damage on him.

He can be frozen. He is accompanied by some Crazed Cultists and Hellion which should not present a problem.

Missed eh eh! (v2.0.4)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Shatterbone gets ready to perform a Berseker Slam
Nice helm but didn't you forget something for the eyes (v2.0.4)
Need a hand? (v2.0.4)