Ancient Guardian (monster)

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Ancient Guardian, Horadric Mage Construct, is a Superunique Sand Monster found in The Forgotten Ruins underneath the Dahlgur Oasis in Act II.

He's encountered just as you take Kulle's head in the Betrayer of the Horadrim quest. It's not necessary to fight him in order to complete the quest but he drops part 6 of the Hunter's Journal which is needed for the Eavesdropper achievement.

He possesses Extra Health and Knockback and will pursue you for a great distance if you try to run from him. His giant melee attack is powerful but his knockback can help sometimes by knocking you clear out of the way of him, giving you time to put a little distance between the two of you whilst you recoup some health.

If you get in real trouble you can draw him across one of the broken bridges in the dungeon, he won't pursue and you can throw projectiles at him safely from a distance.


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