Jar of Souls

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Jar of Souls

The Jar of Souls is an urn that the player can interact with to begin the Jar of Souls event early in Act I, within the Defiled Crypts located below the Cemetery of the Forsaken, which players must explore while participating in the Shattered Crown quest.

The Jar of Souls is found on a small pedestal within the crypt, always in a large room in the shape of a "+" with four hallways leading in from each side. When the Jar of Souls is clicked, a sixty second countdown begins, during which skeletons rise up from the floor in ever-increasing numbers. Players need not kill all of them, and must simply survive for the full time, after which any remaining skeletons will fall dead.

Clicking the Jar of Souls again after the countdown will trigger the quest completion, and award the player with gold, experience, and some random item drops from the jar. Players also gain considerable experience and loot from the skeleton battle itself.

Reward(s): Gold / Experience / Achievement

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Jar of Souls</achievement><achievement type="single">Jar of Souls (Cooperative)</achievement>

Location Details[edit | edit source]

In each game there are four possible locations for tomb entrances below the Cemetery of the Forsaken. Three of them are randomly-activated each game, and those three entrances randomly access the following three levels:

  • One small tomb with no special events inside.
  • One medium-sized tomb with a stairway down to a lower level, which leads down to the Shattered Crown item, required to complete the quest.
  • One large tomb in which players will find either the Jar of Souls event or the Matriarch's Bones event, but never both.

Skeleton Battle[edit | edit source]

Most players find this quest event a lot of fun, for the chance to battle a huge number of weak monsters. Skills that damage multiple targets per use are highly-effective in this area, and the sheer number of skeletons gives a very good chance for high bonuses from Mighty Blows and massacres.

Bounty[edit | edit source]

Jar of Souls can appear as a Bounty.






Blood Shards


Rift Keystone Fragments

7,308,000 54,320 0 0

Media[edit | edit source]