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This page provides information on Guardian Spirits[e] event.

Where: Stinging Winds Act II

Trigger: Speak with the Dying Necromancer

Mob Details: Bone Warrior, Deathly Haunt, Ghezrim (superunique),

Completion Details: Kill Ghezrim.

Guardian Spirits
The Dying Necromancer tells the hero a tale of Ghezrim, a foul demon, who had been locked away inside of two soul prisons on the plateau where the event takes place. The necromancer was about to destroy Ghezrim before cultists in the desert mortally wounded him. He, then, asks for assistance to dispose of Ghezrim.

The prisons lie on either side of a building with no door. Clicking on one will spawn a group of bone warriors, basic melee skeletons, and also two or three deathly haunts who have a slowing attack. Click on both stones and destroy the undead in order to proceed to the final stage of the event.

Ghezrim will spawn shortly after the second wave of monsters have been eliminated. Ghezrim is a skeletal mage with a lightning attack, and has the electrified boss modifier. He is a bit more difficult for a melee class due to the tight quarters, but the fight is very straight-forward and shouldn't take long, even in higher difficulty settings. Once Ghezrim is dead, the event will automatically complete.

It is worth noting that the stairs on the approach to the event is often home to vicious elite packs of lacuni.

Reward(s): Gold / Experience / Achievement

Associated Achievements[edit]

Guardian Spirits is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
Guardian Spirits

Campaign/Act II
10 Complete the Guardian Spirits event. No Award
Guardian Spirits (Cooperative)

Cooperative/Act II
10 Complete the Guardian Spirits event in a cooperative game. No Award


A video of the event:

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