A Royal Audience

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A Royal Audience is the fourth Act II quest, is short and takes place mainly in Caldeum.

Quest Information[edit | edit source]


A Royal Audience Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Palace Guards Attack

Leave the Hidden Camp through the north exit and directly into the Caldeum Bazaar. As soon as you get into the Bazaar check on the left for the Imperial Guard's Pack which will be laying on the ground. Inside is the Proclamation from the Imperial Guard which is required for the Eavesdropper achievement.

Locate Asheara. She will travel with you to the Imperial Palace where you meet the emperor, Hakan II, for the first time. His guards escort a captured Leah in and they will quickly set about attacking you. Leah will assist in killing them but Hakan II has already disappeared.

Follow Asheara and Leah through the gate into the City of Caldeum where you will fight more guards as you make your way along the corridor. Eventually you'll reach an area where a sewer cover will slide open.

On entering the Sewers the quest is complete and the Unexpected Allies quest automatically begins.

Objectives in Brief[edit | edit source]

* Checkpoint reached around this stage in the quest. This means you can quit out and Resume your game at a later date and begin at this point - in effect it's a Save Game point.

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