The Family of Rathe

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This page provides information on The Family of Rathe[e] event.

Where: Decaying Crypt (2), Act I

Trigger: Speaking to Willa Rathe

Mob Details: Father Rathe, Mother Rathe, Little Jebby Rathe

Completion Details: Kill the Rathe Family

The Family of Rathe.

All three are Unique Undead and their special attack is frozen grenades which, after a seconds of being deployed, will explode freezing you in the spot if you are within the vicinity. You can not attack whilst frozen. As soon as you see them deployed move out of the way to avoid being frozen.

It's an easy event, requiring you merely to kill the Willa's parents and brother.

Reward(s): Gold / Experience

Bounty: Can appear as a Bounty whilst in Adventure mode in Reaper of Souls

Gallery[edit | edit source]

A video of the event: