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Fan Art is art created by Fan Artists for a particular subject or game that they like. They use their talents to show of this art and show their appreciation for the stuff they love.

Background[edit | edit source]

Going back as far as Diablo I, fan art has been an important part to the game and the community. Though the art was slow people began creating more art as Diablo II came and went. Now Diablo III has shown itself and even more artists and joined the fray to show their work.

Known Fan Artists[edit | edit source]

There have been many known Fan Artists over the years. Some examples of these are listed below:

Example Works[edit | edit source]

These are some of their works to show as examples to others.

Crossovers[edit | edit source]

The closest crossovers to fan art is mainly the fan classes and fan monsters. However, almost all types of fan-made content will benefit from some additional artwork, including fan characters, fan locations and fan skills.

Fan fiction pieces also sometimes have custom art made for them, as cover art or just general concept art.

Questions and Answers[edit | edit source]

  • Who can make a new fan art?

Anyone can create fan art. Just be sure to upload it to the Fan Art Gallery. Also make a post on the Creations Forum to show off your work there.

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