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Ratzgoblin is a Diablo 3 community Fan Artist in the Diablo fan art community.

Background[edit | edit source]

Works[edit | edit source]

Various fan artwork that Ratzgoblin had created.

Fan Art[edit | edit source]

This is a collection of fan art that Ratzgoblin had made over time.

Art[edit | edit source]

Fallen - Gallery
Pitspawn - Gallery
Pitlord Weapons - Gallery
Iron Maiden - Gallery
A Matter of Skill - Gallery
Circle of Hatred - Gallery
Assassin - Gallery
Tal-Rasha's Bindings - Gallery
Tal-Rasha's Bindings Details- Gallery
Assassin II - Gallery
Druid - Gallery
Duriel - Gallery
Duriel Rodeo - Gallery
Baal - Gallery
Blood Golem - Gallery
Beyond the Infernal Gates - Gallery
DI Take Heed and Bare Witness - Gallery
Zakarumite Welcome - Gallery
Worldstone - Gallery
Council Member - Gallery

Comics[edit | edit source]

A Lil' Diablo Tale - Gallery
DII Goodbye? - Gallery

Line Art[edit | edit source]

Lord Des Seis - Gallery
Infector of Souls - Gallery
Grand Vizier - Gallery
Gharbad the Weak - Gallery
Chaos Sanctuary Entrance - Gallery
Darkwood Rumble - Gallery

Works in Progress[edit | edit source]

Arreat Summit WIP1 - Gallery
Stoneraven WIP1- Gallery
Toorc Firefinger WIP- Gallery
Council Member WIP - Gallery

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