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Chaos is a bit of Fan fiction poetry by Madrik Rimesorrow originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. Posted as a one shot on December 17th 2008.

Chaos[edit source]

By Madrik Rimesorrow

Welcome to the realm
From beyond charnel time
Despair all you can before
The bells of the lich-gate chime

Hell criss-cross
Visions gruesome
I am Chaos.

Baleful prospects on the horizons,
Inviolable gloom in the morrows
Do all felicity siphon
The Apocalypse follows

Insanity, in the wake of fear.
Inanity, reason is reduced to.
Infinity, is the limit of madness.
Iniquity, shall be done to you.

Your own death
Is getting closer
For each day
Life betrays
Every hour
Dread devours
Each minute
Is a gambit
Every second
Anxiety heightened

Just take a guess what you will endure
Destined for sorrow; that is ensured.
Tell me now, I do adjure
Say sooth, does fear have a cure?

Hell criss-cross
Visions gruesome
I am Chaos.

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