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Progress Orbs, Nephalem Orbs, and a Health Orb.

Progress Orbs or Progress Globes are purple health-orb style objects dropped by Elites when killed in a Greater Rift. As the name suggests, these orbs boost the progress bar, helping players complete the Greater Rift more quickly.

Progress Orbs do not offer healing or resource refills. They are purely a way to advance the progress bar more quickly, and they are only dropped by slain Elites, whether Yellow or Blue types. Each orb advances the progress bar about .5%, which makes them approximately as valuable as 20-30 trash mobs, depending on monster type. (Bigger/tougher monsters are worth more progress per kill.)

Early in PTR testing of Greater Rifts, Treasure Goblins were occasionally found in Grifts. Initially they dropped gold and items, but that was soon patched to cause them to drop Progress Orbs when killed. Eventually Goblins were entirely removed from Greater Rifts.

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Images of Progress Orbs and related.