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Patch 2.3 streamlined crafting materials into one tier, removing all of the crafting materials previously found and used from level 1-60. This item is not found in Diablo 3 or Reaper of Souls post-Patch 2.3.

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Iridescent Tear is a Rare-quality material used in all sub-level 61 Blacksmith Plans. This is the only yellow-quality material found in Diablo 3 (in D3v2), and is used for all end game crafting.

In Reaper of Souls this is the level 1-60 yellow quality material, used for crafting and enchanting of items below level 61. In RoS, Veiled Crystal is the yellow material required, and that one supersedes Iridescent Tears for all end game purposes.

Iridescent Tears are chiefly obtained by salvaging Rare items of level 1-60. Such items yield 1 material each. It may also be found from monster drops, and is often seen in Horadric Caches, and from Resplendent chests and Treasure Goblins.

Diablo 3 classic[edit | edit source]

In Diablo 3 vanilla, this was the Inferno difficulty, yellow-quality material created by salvaging Legendary or Rare items found from Inferno level sources.

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