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The Idiot Arrow or "Target Arrow" is a joking term players use for the arrow that points the correct direction to a bounty objective. The arrow directs players to find the dungeon, or sometimes the stairs down to the next level, or the target monster or event. This arrow shows up on the minimap in the upper right of the screen and when players draw near the target the arrow vanishes when the flashing circle target shows up on the map at close range.

Maps or bounties with multiple objectives may show multiple Idiot Arrows at once, each of them switching to the flashing circle once the player grows near the objective.

Development[edit | edit source]

Initially when bounties went live with the Adventure Mode system, the Idiot Arrow was on a five minute timer. Players had to explore the area for that long before the arrow would appear, pointing the correct direction if a player was not already near the objective. Most of the time, a fast moving player would find the target(s) and complete the bounty before the five minutes were up, and thus never trigger the arrow at all.

Patch 2.3 changed the timing, reducing it from 5 minutes to 1 minute before the Idiot Arrow appeared. This greatly speeds up the bounty completion process, especially on large maps.

Multiple arrows point to the Queen's Dessert spider cocoons.