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Bonus Act awards Bonus Cache in Patch 2.3.

The Bonus Act is one of the five Acts that is currently the most valuable to complete all five bounties. Beginning in Patch 2.3, when players finish the fifth bounty in the Bonus Act, Tyrael awards a Bonus Cache on top of the normal Horadric Cache. The bonus cache contains only gold and materials, but it always matches the amount of Horadric Cache materials that drop from the full Cache, doubling a player's take of these scarce and valuable materials.

Prior to Patch 2.3, there were two bonus acts randomly selected each game, and players received extra Blood Shards for completing bounties and earning the Horadric Cache in those acts. This was a paltry award, and did nothing to encourage players to clear out an act, just because it had the bonus live.

Bonus Horadric Cache[edit | edit source]

Bonus Acts award double Blood Shards in Patch 2.2.

A Bonus Horadric Cache is earned from Tyrael, along with the normal Horadric Cache, when a player completes all five bounties in the randomly-selected "Bonus Act." This feature was added in Patch 2.3. Since the bonus act switches to a different act once it is completed, a player can do all five acts for bonus in the same game, earning 5 Horadric Caches and 5 Bonus Caches in sequence.

Bonus Horadric Caches contain only a few objects, many less than the full Horadric Cache. Usual bonus cache contents are a stack or two of gold, and a few each of the white, blue, and yellow materials, and a stack of legendary cache materials.

The real value of the bonus cache is the guarantee that it will contain as many Horadric Cache materials as the full Cache, thus doubling the total cache materials earned for the labor. Cache materials were added to the game in Patch 2.3 and are necessary for all level 70 legendary and set crafting, as well as some of the more powerful Kanai's Cube recipes.

Horadric Cache Contents[edit | edit source]

Horadric Caches contain several stacks of gold, blood shards, gems, white/blue/yellow materials, may contain one (or more) of the special cache legendary items, and as of Patch 2.3, always contain at least 1 stack of the Act-appropriate Horadric Cache material.

See the Horadric Cache article for a full breakdown of typical Cache contents, which increase in quality and sometimes quantity on higher difficulty levels

While Horadric Caches are useful to twink since their quality and level is snapshoted when they are earned, but the items in them smart roll only when the cache is opened. This is not the case for bonus caches, which are almost always just materials and gold. Thus players who are farming up Caches to twink might as well open up the bonus caches as they go, since that will save stash space and the drops will not vary depending on the character that opens them.

Horadric Cache Materials[edit | edit source]

Act Four Horadric Cache material.

Patch 2.3 introduced special legendary materials found only in caches. These Horadric Cache materials can only be found in Horadric Caches and Bonus Caches, and they are required for the more powerful Kanai's Cube recipes, as well as almost all level 70 legendary and set item crafting in Patch 2.3 and later.

Materials per Cache increase with higher difficulty levels. The Bonus Cache always contains the same number of materials as the Horadric Cache, so doing bonus acts doubles the materials awarded.

(All figures subject to change during continued Patch 2.3 testing.)

Farming Horadric Caches[edit | edit source]

Since Tyrael awards Caches to every player in the game, regardless of their location in the game (in any Act or even a Rift), or participation in any or all of the individual bounties, split farming is a very popular way for multiple characters to spread out and do bounties on their own, racking up Caches much more quickly than the could solo, or while all running together on the same bounty.

Players can also treat their clan or friends to free caches by completing all or most of an act, then inviting people to join the game before they finish up and claim the cache rewards.

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