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Maces, also called blunts and hammers, are melee weapons that are designed to crush and pound targets, rather than cutting them open like a sword.

Maces are found in one-handed and two-handed varieties in Diablo III, and they range from shorter weapons like hammers and maces up to huge two-handed mauls.

Staves are not classified as maces, even though they seem fairly similar in being long, hard-hitting, blunt weapons.

Function[edit | edit source]

In human combat, maces are useful against armored enemies. Plate that can turn aside a sword can be crushed by a heavy mace, and impact injuries can be inflicted even through unbroken armor with a well-aimed blow.

This is not a feature that the simplistic combat engines of the Diablo games have ever made much use of. In Diablo and Diablo II, maces deal bonus damage to Undead enemies, but this is applies across the board, regardless of the enemy type. It makes perfect sense against skeletons, but is less logical when monsters like zombies are involved.

One-Handed Maces[edit | edit source]

<item type="list">Mace</item>

Two-Handed Maces[edit | edit source]

<item type="list">Two-Handed Mace</item>