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Malformed is the name for the mutant Goatmen appearing in Diablo 3. They are appear as deformed spikey goatmen with additional heads and body parts. They seem to be divided into thin spear throwers with extra arms and big bruisers with large spikes and massive arms.

Malformed are Demons.

They were first shown in a shot from [1], but without any form of explanation of what it was or its name. During the 6th BlizzCast[2], we saw a full posting of the concept art below. Bashiok unfortunately did not give us any more information about the demon, but he's obviously malformed, and it does look like the faces, horns and hooves could indicate former Goatman kinship. It could also be a relation to the Fat Rat Shaman concept. Time will tell.


Here are some Malformed with a Arreat Crater Flyer attacking a Monk


Here is a concept art for the spear-throwing mutant goatmen.