Arreat Crater Flyer

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The Arreat Crater Flyer is a large winged demon, first seen in still images from the Diablo III Cinematic. It is associated with the demonic invasion of the northern Barbarian Dreadlands, centered near the Arreat Crater. The Arreat Crater Flyer appears to be a main part of Azmodan aerial forces.

Diablo III Monster [e]
Arreat Crater Flyer
Classification: Demons
Monster Family: Unknown
Role: Flying Attacker
Monster Stats
Life: Unknown
Mana: Unknown
Armor: Unknown
Resistance: Unknown
Armament: Flame Projectile, Possible Smash Attack
DPS: Unknown
Low Damage: Unknown
High Damage: Unknown
Range: Unknown
Speed: Fast
Movement: Fast
Monster Modifiers
Found In
Arreat Crater

Behavior[edit | edit source]

This flyer appears to be quite large, much above the bat-sized hovering enemies found in Act One. Whether it uses that size to dive bomb like a hawk is not known, as the creature has only been seen in motion a few times. The Wizard's skill video for the Hydra shows a few Arreat Crater Flyers spiting out flames at the wizard while another Arreat Crater Flyer has a human soldier in it's talons. In some videos, the Arreat Crater Flyer's wings are on fire.

Development[edit | edit source]

In Blizzcon 2009, this concept art appeared. Blizzcon2009hellflyer.jpg

In the BlizzCon_2011_Panel:_Making_of_the_"Black_Soulstone"_Cinematic, a 3d model of one is shown.


Lore[edit | edit source]

The flyer appears to come from Hell with the demonic invaders, thus it may be a purely demonic creature, rather than a mutated animal of Sanctuary.

Media[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Hydra Skill Video with Arreat Crater Flyers on the attack!

  • A flaming Arreat Crater Flyer with Mutant Goatmen