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The Spirit skill tree is a Witch Doctor skill tree true to its namesake, manipulating the intangible spirits of enemies, conjure new ones to attack or fight for the Witch Doctor or even manipulate the Witch Doctor's spirit.

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Witch Doctor's Spirit skill tree as of BlizzCon 2009.

Spirit skills[edit | edit source]

The Spirit tree focuses on mana regeneration, crowd control, and being more adept at surviving. Like any skill tree focusing on any element of gameplay, it cannot be called a skill tree if it doesn't have signature skills that can actually kill. Luckily for us, the Spirit tree has a few cool skills that makes enemies easy to kill, like Haunt, Soul Harvest and Mass Confusion.

Tier I[edit | edit source]

  • Haunt
    • Launch a Spirit to invade the bodies of your enemies, causing sustained damage over time; the spirit lasts longer when inhabiting a host than when searching for one.
  • Spirit Vessel

Tier II[edit | edit source]

Tier III[edit | edit source]

  • Spirit Sense
    • Increase damage against targets with low health by X% percentage.
  • Horrify
    • Don a spectral mask that horrifies enemies, causing them to run away from you.

Tier IV[edit | edit source]

Tier V[edit | edit source]

  • Spirit Walk
    • Traverse your physical body into the spirit realm, allowing unhindered movement for a time.
  • Meditation
    • Your spirit spells return X% of their mana cost over 10 seconds.

Tier VI[edit | edit source]

  • Death Pact
    • Induce momentary invulnerability whenever you are reduced to 10% of your maximum health. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.
  • Mass Confusion
    • Induce paranoia in enemies, causing some to fight for the Witch Doctor for a period of time.

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