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Anarchs are angelic Reapers encountered in Act V of Diablo III.

Anarchs are only encountered in the Pandemonium Fortress, and are melee fighters, as opposed to Exarchs. They move quickly, floating above the ground, and can, if necessary, get beyond the normal borders, flying over empty space. Their melee blows from six bladed arms deal fast and deadly strikes. When encountered in groups, they can dispatch an average hero in a matter of two or three seconds, should they get close enough.

Like Corrupted Angels and Thralls, Anarchs can also charge, rushing roughly 40 yards forward and dealing high damage and Knockback to everything they reach. Alternatively, they can make a brief (20 yards) dash in close combat. In addition, their charge leaves a trail of energy that deals periodic damage. Before the charge, Anarchs prepare for a second, giving players time to move aside.

In Nephalem Rifts, it's not uncommon to meet a bunch of Anarchs along with Corrupted Angels. Due to continuous Knockback from charges, this may be a very challenging monster combination.

Named[edit | edit source]

These superunique Anarchs can appear in the following areas:

Act V

  • Esiel (Pandemonium Fortress Level 2)
  • Scythys (Pandemonium Fortress Level 1)
  • Xaphane (Pandemonium Fortress Level 2)

Development[edit | edit source]

Anarchs were originally labeled as "Wraiths."[1]

Lore[edit | edit source]

The anarchs were among Malthael's most trusted advisors, and his fall for darkness affected them deeply. Gone were their radiant wings and calm, balanced counsel. Now they possess only malice and cruelty, and the insatiable desire to destroy all living things. Lorath Nahr, Act V.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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