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Monster modifiers are additional traits that monsters can have, usually making them more powerful. They come in two known varieties: some, usually called prefixes, appearing before a monsters name (like Champion) and some appearing below a monsters name, called titles, like Doppelganger. Uniques almost always have a modifier- in fact, it's so far been quite rare for a non-unique to have a modifier.

Most known information about Monster Modifiers comes from Zagreus's forum post, seen here. An official post about Monster Modifers is supposedly coming in the next few days.

Known Prefixes[edit | edit source]




Known Titles[edit | edit source]

Electrified: Deals electrical damage to attackers.

Plagued: Creates a diseased pool on the ground, damaging any member of your party who walks over it.

Fast: Increased movement speed and attack speed.


Frozen: Spawns a number of freezing charges and detonates them soon after, damaging and freezing any party member caught in the blast.


Cold Aura:

Doppelganger: The Doppelganger title causes an enemy to create duplicates of itself, similar to the Wizard's Mirror Image skill, that do damage, until the enemy is killed. The duplicates are assumed to not spawn duplicates as well.

Molten: Leaves a fiery trail, damaging party members who step on it. Detonates upon death.

Arcane Enchanted:


Thousand Pounder 'Title'[edit | edit source]

The title 'Gluttony Incarnate' is a mystery. Comparing this big fella with the Siegebreaker Assault Beast, he seems to have a 'title' that would work very much like Diablo 2 Monster Modifiers. Still, 'Gluttony Incarnate' could be his title just like the Siegebreaker's 'Living siege Engine of Hell' obviously must be. The Thousand Pounder could also very well be an equivalent of a Diablo II Superunique, with a different name than other units that look the same (as the Thousand Pounder has been depicted to come in packs in concept art). Time (and BlizzCon) will hopefully tell.

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