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Ghosts are fast moving apparitions that appear out of nowhere, attack and then disappear again, only to reappear for another attack. Most are able to chill you too slowing your movement. They are sometimes referred to as Wraiths as that is what they were called in Diablo 2.


Act I

  • Enranged Phantom

Act II

  • Deathly Haunt
  • Grim Wraith
  • Vile Revenant

In Alphabetical Order

Deathly Haunt[edit]

Enraged Phantom[edit]

Enraged Phantom

Grim Wraith[edit]

  • Appears in Act II - Realm of Shadow
  • Physical melee attack
  • Soul Siphon chills the player, slowing their movement for a few seconds.

Vile Revenant[edit]

Named Ghosts[edit]

Superunique versions of Ghost have a chance of spawning in the following areas:

Act I

Act II


The tragedies in these lands have left many restless spirits in their wake... and they demand retribution. These spirits will take out their vengeance on any unsuspecting individual who may pass... for they believe that the blood of the living will yet restore the lives that were ripped away from them. -- Deckard Cain


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