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A gameplay video is a video showing gameplay action: actual footage of characters battling monsters; what players see as they're playing the game. Blizzard releases these periodically to promote Diablo III, and show off their progress in game development.

Other gameplay movies are recorded by fans, pointing video cameras at the monitors during various public events.

Official Gameplay Videos[edit | edit source]

Blizzard has released a number of gameplay videos thus far, almost always to coincide with their WWI or Blizzcon shows.

  • Artisan Video - Released in August 2010, this video introduces the Artisan NPCs. There is a very short clip of Monk combat at the very end of the movie.
  • Gameplay: July 2011 - Showed off areas featured in the Beta build and various class skills. The last pre-beta gameplay movie. (After the beta began fan-made movies exploded in number.)
  • Skill Animations Videos - Leaked in August 2011, these 5 short (about one minute each) videos each showcase a number of skills for each class, including several that had never been seen before. Taken from the Beta character creation screen.

Cinematic Movies[edit | edit source]

Blizzard has only released one video with actual pre-rendered cinematics, and it was part of the game's premiere, in June 2008. Diablo III will include short cinematics after each act, as was done in Diablo II, but what those cinematics will show has been kept under tight wraps.

Since that debut movie, the Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter were debuted in machinima-style movies, recorded with the game engine. These sorts of movies will not be included with the game (they were with StarCraft II). In addition to the cinematic portions, these movies include some gameplay action as well, which is why they are listed on this page.

Shaky Cam Gameplay Movies[edit | edit source]

There have been dozens of fan-recorded gameplay movies, filmed at Blizzcon and other public events. These movies are usually quite poor quality, partially because they have to be filmed surreptitiously, since Blizzard does not permit photos or videos to be taken of the monitors at such events.

Blizzard doesn't seem to mind the distribution of these movies though, since they don't delete threads linking to them from the forums, they don't ask fansites not to post them, and they don't make copyright claims to get them deleted from YouTube.

Ten minutes of Demon Hunter and Wizard, from Gstar, November 2010.

Sneaky zoom in closeup starts @ 1:01. Gamescon, August 2010.

Despite their low image quality and little to no game sound, many fans enjoy this sort of "ninja" footage. They give a more accurate idea of what it's like to actually play the game, chiefly since the action is continuous, rather than edited into a highlight package, and since the UI is visible. Though the footage is usually too blurry to enjoy or read, the interface, monster names, item stats, inventory, skill tree, quests, and other display windows are visible in shaky cam movies.

Blizzard does not show those elements of the game in their official movies and seldom releases any screenshots of them. Which, of course, fuels the fan desire to see them.

There are not individual wiki articles for such videos, but they can be seen on YouTube, via links from Diablo fan sites.

Presentation Videos[edit | edit source]

These movies are close-up ninja footage of presentation videos shown during the panels at various BlizzCons and other events.


Skill rune demonstration from the Gameplay Panel at Blizzcon 2010. Features the Barbarian, Wizard, and Witch Doctor.


Skill runes in the Arena from the Gameplay Panel at Blizzcon 2010. Features the Barbarian, Wizard, and Witch Doctor.