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The Deckard Cain Rap is an easter egg created and published by the Blizzard Entertainment Company. The song consists of a very medieval-theme and of course, Deckard Cain bringing out his classical rap rhythm.


Most of the song consists of clips of words that Deckard Cain had said in the actual game, with a few tweaks, such as when Deckard Cain says "Stay Awhile and Listen" and "Greetings", but other unspoken words such as "Sean Connery" and "Patrick Stewart" were probably created using word splicing with other words or getting the actor who played Deckard Cain to coherce those words. The rap is very old-fashioned, consisting of a two-word, one rhyme rhythm were in the present-tense version of rap, most rappers can pull about 5 to 6 rhymes in only two sentences. The melody is a simple jazz theme with a soft drum loop that quiets when Deckard Cain enters his verse. There might also be an edition of a piano at some points but yet is to be known about this topic. Heres the song on youtube:

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