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Oliver Chipping is a Senior Environment Artist on the Dungeon Team for Diablo III.[1] Oliver was responsible for designing the level art for King Leoric's throne room, one of the environments that has been featured prominently for Diablo 3 pre-release.


Oliver Chipping's "serious" Diableard.

Oliver graduated from Brigham Young University in 2003. After he graduated, he delved into graphic design and eventually became Art Director for ShieldZone (now known as ZAGG) in 2005.

In 2005, Oliver landed his first job in the gaming industry as a Concept/Texture Artist at Disney Interactive Software/Avalanche. He worked on the Playstation 2 games Chicken Little 2, Meet the Robinsons(also on Xbox 360 release), and designed stages and style guides for Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour and unreleased projects. In 2007, he was hired at Blizzard as a Senior 3D Artist and is currently working on Diablo III with a focus on textures and level creation.[2]


Oliver maintains a personal blog/website where he has posted a lot of his artwork.


For the Blizzard produced vinyl toy n00bz, Oliver created one of the three winning entries for the company's internal contest. His entry, called Ghoulash, was showcased during Blizzcon 2009 and was made available for sale.[3][4]

Game Credits/Experience[edit]

  • 2005 - Chicken Little 2, Avalanche Software; Concept/Texture Artist
  • 2005 - Meet The Robinsons, Avalanche Software; Concept/Texture Artist
  • 2006 - Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour, Avalanche Software; Concept Artist

Game credits assembled from Mobygames.[5]



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