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Castaway Entertainment was founded in 2003 by several former employees of Blizzard North. The studio grew over time, with numerous former Blizzard North employees joining as Blizzard North disintegrated, before closing in 2005.

Former Blizzard North employees who worked at Castway included Michael Scandizzo, Stefan Scandizzo, Alan Ackerman, Steven Woo, Rick Seis, Ted Bisson, Bruno Bowden, Peter Brevik, Michael Huang, Kelly Johnson, Michio Okamura, Tom Ricket and Fredrick Vaught.

Other notable employees include game designer Bill Dunn and art director Rick Macaraeg.

Rick Seis joined Castaway in 2005, shortly after the closure of Blizzard North. Rick had served as the Project Lead for Blizzard North's version of Diablo III from 2003-2005.

On April 4, 2008, company founder and president Michael Scandizzo announced that Castaway was suspending operations due to financial problems.[1] They were unable to secure additional funding and closed shortly afterwards. Their under-development action RPG title was later revealed to be Djinn, a video of which can be seen on YouTube.

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