Cinematic: WWI 2008

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This cinematic movie was produced by the Blizzard Cinematics Department and was the first announcement of Diablo 3. The movie features narration by the NPC Leah, a known associate of Deckard Cain, as she describes the state of the world players will encounter in Diablo 3.

The movie shows various scenes from later cinematics, including flashbacks to Baal's armies and the destruction of the Worldstone, the final event of the Diablo 2 Expansion.

D3 Introduction Cinematic[edit | edit source]

Visit Blizzard's movies page for links to download this one in higher quality.

The version below is embedded from the Diablo3Inc channel on

Cinematic Content[edit | edit source]

Numerous game features and pieces of content are shown in this cinematic, including the following. Click the links for more details:

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Numerous very high quality screenshots from this movie can be seen in the Image Gallery.

The mysterious meteor descends towards the Tristram Cathedral.