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This movie is a tight closeup of the video screen during the Gameplay Panel at BlizzCon 2010, about 55 minutes into the hour-long panel. It is a demonstration of various skill rune effects in the Arena.

The Movie[edit | edit source]

The Barbarian, the Wizard, and the Witch Doctor show off some skill rune effects battling each other in the Arena.

Video courtesy of BlizzPort's Channel on YouTube.

Skills Demonstrated[edit | edit source]

These skills have been identified in the video:

Barbarian skills: Wizard skills: Witch Doctor skills:

0:39 - The Witch Doctor casts Zombie Charger runed to be Zombie Bears!
0:43 - Our first good look at Blizzard.
0:44 - The Witch Doctor casts what seems to be Fetish Army, which creates a glowing green cooking pot, around which (Gidbinn style) a pack of Fetish appear.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

0:12 - The Wizard with a very intriguing bolt of lightning over her head.
0:39 - Zombie Bear stampede.
0:44 - Witch Doctor casting Fetish Army, complete with green glowing Gidbin shrine.
0:52 - Nice first look at Blizzard.
1:18 - Firebomb runed for bounciness.
1:20 - This version of Horrify seems to be more colorful than in previous screenshots.

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