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This cinematic was released at Blizzcon in October 2008. It introduces the Wizard character, and shows off some of the monsters and dungeons beneath the Tristram Cathedral, culminating in a showdown with the undead spirit Leoric, the Skeleton King. Gameplay footage is mixed into the production.

This is not a true pre-rendered cinematic from the Blizzard Cinematics Department. It, like the Monk intro cinematic was produced using the Diablo 3 game engine, machinima style.

Wizard Cinematic[edit | edit source]

Visit Blizzard's movies page for links to download this one in higher quality.

The version below is embedded from the Diablo3Inc channel on

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

The female Wizard.

Numerous monsters, locations, and characters are shown in this movie. Click the following links for more information on many of them.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Many dozens of high quality screenshots from this movie can be seen in the Image Gallery. One example is attached below.

The Wizard boldly approaches the Tristram Cathedral.