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Jered Cain was an Initiate Horadrim monk, who led a group of Horadrim monks to Khanduras to store Diablo's soulstone.

Background[edit | edit source]

After the terrible battle with Diablo, the Lord of terror, Jered Cain the Horadrim Initiate lead a group of Horadrim monks to Khanduras and hid the soulstone in a cave near the river Talsande. Above this cave the Horadrim constructed a great Monastery from which they could continue to safeguard the Soulstone. As ages passed, the Horadrim constructed a network of catacombs beneath the Monastery to house the earthly remains of the martyrs of their Order.

Generations passed in Khanduras, and the numbers of the Horadrim slowly dwindled. With no quests left to undertake, and too few sons to sustain their guardianship, the once powerful Order faded into obscurity. Eventually, the great Monastery that they had built fell to ruins as well. Although villages grew and thrived around the shell of the old Monastery, no one knew of the dark, secret passageways that stretched into the cold earth beneath it. None could have dreamed of the burning red gem that pulsed within the labyrinth’s heart...

Author[edit | edit source]

Many Tomes of previous games are possibly written by Jered cain. However, it's confirmed he did write the essay The Nature of the Soulstones.

Diablo III Reference[edit | edit source]

Jered Cain is Deckard Cain's great great grand father by many generations.

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