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Uldyssian is the central character in the Sin War Trilogy and part of the Diablo lore. He is a farmer who lost most of his family. He is the pawn chosen to begin a terrible shift in the world of Sanctuary.

Background[edit | edit source]

Uldyssian ul-Diomed, son of Diomedes, was once a simple farmer who had a younger brother and some good friends and they all lived their life in a very small village named Seram. Later, Uldyssian meets a strange but beautiful woman who tells her her name is Lylia and she is here because she is sick of the fighting between the Mage Clans. After a series of events, Uldyssian discovers that he is gaining strange powers that he is trying to manipulate in a positive way. Uldyssian becomes stronger and stronger as these powers awaken and he chooses to set out to new villages and places to gather people that he can show this gift to and he can possibly form an army to destroy the two major sects of Sanctuary: the Temple of the Triune and the Cathedral of Light

Uldyssian has Nephalem ancestry within him and has some of their powers. He can do almost anything from changing weather, causing people to explode, creating shields or simply creating a simple ball of light to see through the dark with. He can also teleport himself and others among amping his strength and healing powers as well as transmuting objects. These powers are based on his will, the more desperate and angry he gets the more powerful his abilities are.

To stop Demons and Angels from taking over Sanctuary, Uldyssian created the Edyrem, made up of Nephalem descendants. These Edyrem consisted of citizens of Partha, Toraja, and some from Hashiri and Istani. Uldyssian's main purpose was to relinquish the existence of the two major sects in Sanctuary, the Temple of the Triune and the Cathedral of Light.

In the Sin War trilogy, Uldyssian and his Edyrem eventually destroy all Temples of the Triune and that eventually leads to Uldyssian finally defeating his false lover, the Mother of Misery and Queen of the Succubi, Lilith. After the demise of Lilith, Uldyssian and his Edyrem set their sights to try to earn a fellowship with the Mage Clans and the Guilds of Kehjan in hopes to have more allies to defeat the Prophet, Inarius.

After Uldyssian finally had the Mage Clans and Guilds agree to hear him, many terrible things happened that stopped him from getting to ask them to join his cause. After a miserable turn of events, the meeting members of the Mage Clans and Guilds were slaughtered relentlessly, and the living members of both sides that did not attend the meeting set their sights to utterly crush Uldyssian and his Edyrem.

After Uldyssian returns to his Edyrem, Kehjan's surviving mages and some soldiers march to kill Uldyssian and the Edyrem. After long consideration, Uldyssian's powers were so strong at this point that he simply willed that the mages stop casting and helping the warriors, and the latter would fall asleep: and they slept. After this quick "battle", they march toward the main Cathedral of Light, where The Prophet--Inarius--conducts his speeches and lives in his Sanctum. After reaching close enough to see the gleaming light of the Cathedral, Ulyssian and his Edyrem prepare to fight the High Inquisitors to the death. The grass begins to attack the Edyrem and High Inquisitor's are charging, and Uldyssian deals with it in an easy manner. Earlier, Uldyssian was told that the High Heavens knew of Sanctuary and they would quickly be apporaching, so he had to consider that on trying to destroy the world's insane creator.

Uldyssian eventually fought Inarius and defeated him by severing Inarius's connection with the Worldstone. Before Uldyssian could finish the Angel, hundreds of them descended from the sky. In addition to that, the ground erupted and the Burning Hells joined the battle. Nevertheless, the eternal battle came to Sanctuary. Uldyssian's world was about to be crushed and there was nothing he could do. As Uldyssian thought of defeat, he overcame it by believing in himself that he COULD do something about the conflict: and so with the words, "Stop it" the High Heaven's and the Burning Hells stopped moving completely. With all of Uldyssian's power, he ushered the demons back into their domain, and the angels into theirs. As Uldyssian thought of all the bloodshed that he had wrought in his name, against his enemies, against his friends, his powers overtook him and they unleashed on Sanctuary. Uldyssian saw the ground churning and chaos unleashing, and he thought he could bring it back in himself. He willed this to happen, and it did. The chaotic energy he released had increased tenfold but he somehow managed to let it flow into him. Uldyssian felt that it needed to be rereleased but he didn't know where. As Trag'Oul's voice touched him and told him the perfect place, he smiled and agreed. Before he left however, he thought of Achilios, Mendeln, and Serenthia and he wished they would be safe. He went to the place that was not a place and he released all that power in a giant explosion of golden light, thus, sacrificing himself for the world and people he loved.

After this happened, Mendeln noticed all his wounds and pain were healed, and Serenthia and Achilios were walking to him. Serenthia had recently just been killed by an Angel and Achilios had died a long time ago from Lucion. However, they were both alive, due to Uldyssian and his remarkable powers that will forever be a part of Sanctuary.

Family[edit | edit source]

Friends[edit | edit source]

  • Serenthia is in love with him for the beginning of the Sin War tilogy, but later realizes the she is in love with Achilios.
  • Achilios is a master marksman and hunter and has been Uldyssian's best friend even after death
  • Rathma is Mendeln's teacher but a dear friend to Uldyssian

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