Halmin the Alchemist

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Halmin the Alchemist (db) is a merchant who can spawn on level 1 of The Foundry in The Battlefields of Act III. The Foundry is a fairly rare spawn and when it does appear it isn't guaranteed that Halmin will be there too, so it could take some farming.

Halmin the Alchemist is also a merchant.

Halmin the Alchemist

Farming for Halmin the Alchemist[edit | edit source]


  1. From the Quest Selection screen take Act III > quest No. 5. Machines of War.
  2. Head out of Bastion's Keep through the Arreat Gate.
  3. Head left (your character's left) down the steps and then left down more steps.
  4. As you leave the gate and into The Battlefields head to your right below the burning cart.
  5. The Foundry is nearby, relatively central.
  6. Leave and Resume Game if it's not there, no need to explore the rest of The Battlefields.

Special Notes:

  • If Halmin the Alchemist appears it will always be on level 1 in a room with a fireplace in it. Once the mobs in the room are killed, Halmin will get out from under the bed, presumably he was hiding from the monsters there.

Quickest farming route to Halmin

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

Halmin the Alchemist is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Market Research</achievement>