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Gorst was a bronze-skinned giant with dark black scraggy mop of hair. A shirtlesss fighter. Second-in-command to Captain Kentril Dumon and his group of 15 mercenaries. He is one of the characters in the novel Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow

Gorst was quite loyal to Kentril, and proved to be of great help to Quov Tsin and Zayl the Necromancer. Gorst sacrificed taking with him various Ureh zombies holding tight to his back and arms, and caused an avalanche of zombies that still climbed to the top of Mountain Nymyr.

This bought Captain Kentril Dumon time to reach the top in hopes to destroy the Key to Light, thus stopping Lord Juris Khan and Diablo's plan to restore Ureh back to the mortal plane to create a permanent gate between Hell and Sanctuary and other realms.

Captain Kentril Dumon's Mercenary Band[edit source]

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