Pablo DeSoto

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Concept art of Pablo DeSoto.
Pablo DeSoto is a gentleman with some knowledge in magic and history of the world, although not as great as Abd al-Hazir. He has been seen in and around Wortham, the small fishing village, and is quite protective of his beautiful daughter Leah.

Pablo dislikes Necromancers, and blames them for most bad things that have happened in the last 20 years, including "that Diablo incident". Besides magic, he's knowledgeable about the areas surrounding Wortham and Tristram and has insights in how the Festering Woods work including their inhabitants, such as the Wood Wraiths.

Abd al-Hazir's meeting with Pablo was the inspiration for the 20th entry in his writings.

Development[edit | edit source]

There are writings on the upper left corner of the concept art picture of DeSoto indicating that he has been around at least from December 2006. Pablo DeSoto is also one of the few people named in the lore section of the official page. This indicates that Pablo DeSoto is an important character, most probably a NPC. This would make sense as the speculation is proven right about Leah being the daugher of DeSoto.

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