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Siggard was a large man with a brown beard and gray eyes. He was a shield-man in the army of Earl Edgewulf during the Sin War, where he served the army of Entsteig.

Entsteig's army fought the demonlord Assur and his demonic forces at Blackmarch. When his army made a shield wall to face their enemies, demons out of horror wrecked through. Some were doglike demons, others were goatmen.

Siggard awoke two days later, during the Night of Souls, with no memory of what happened. All he remembers is that he was part of the shield wall of the army of Entsteig at Blackmarch, and that for an unknown reason, he was now elsewhere.

Siggard travelled toward Blackmarch to find out what happened to the army, and more importantly to protect his family from any danger. Through his journey he found Tyrael (in disguise) and a companion vizjerei mage named Sarnakyle.

Siggard discovered what happened to the army of Blackmarch and to his village, and enacted his vengeance upon the one responsible for his grief... the demonlord Assur, the favored of the Lord of Terror, Diablo.

The huge glyph on the chest of the demon, marked him as immune to anything and couldn't be killed by any mortal. Such was the dark spell protecting the demon. However, Siggard killed Assur.

To his surprise, he found out why he awoke with no memories that day during the Night of Souls, and why he was able to kill Assur. Siggard died along with most of the army of Entsteig. Yet, Siggard was not dead, nor alive. His was a special gift or talent.

Siggard lived for approximately 800 years and served Archangel Tyrael.

Relatives[edit | edit source]

Siggard was married to Emilye and both had a child. His family was slain by humans that betrayed their own village to the demon force that invaded Entsteig. Siggard lived at Bear's Hill Village most of his life, ever since his father brought him there as a child.

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