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Mendeln is the younger brother of Uldyssian, the central character in the Sin War Trilogy.

Background[edit | edit source]

Mendeln was reclusive, pale, and had a morbid fascination with death. As a descendant of the Nephalem, Mendeln's necrotic curiosity lead him to unearth latent abilities that ultimately characterize him as a Necromancer.

One could call Rathma as Mendeln's mentor in the ways of Necromancy.

After the decision made by the Angiris Council for the fate of Sanctuary and its inhabitants, the world would not be destroyed, but everyone (excluding the Nephalem because their time was almost up anyway) had to have their memory erased and "reset" so none of the battles of Uldyssian and his Edyrem would be remembered. After Imperius created the wave of white light that reset everyone's mind, including Achilios and Serenthia, and also reset human existence back, we later discover that Trag'Oul saved Mendlen's mind from being wiped, so he could forever remember his brother, write about his experiences, teach others his ways, and also maintain the balance.

When Trag'Oul refers to Mendeln as Mendeln ul-Diomed, Mendeln says that that name is lost to him and he would love a new one. Besides, Trag'Oul renamed Linarian, Rathma. After Trag'Oul considered, he decided the perfect name for Mendeln: Kalan--which means teacher because Mendeln--Kalan--was no longer a mere student.

Family[edit | edit source]

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