Squirt the Peddler

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Squirt the Peddler

Squirt the Peddler can be found in the Hidden Camp in Act II.

She sells armor and weapons but most importantly she sells Wirt's Bell for 100k which is required to create the Staff of Herding, used to gain access to the secret level, Whimsyshire.

She also sells Blacksmith plans for level 10 Artisans.

Plan: Archon Armor of Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength or Vitality. This will teach the Blacksmith how to make this level 63 item with up to five random properties. The plans cost 1,500,000 gold each.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

It's thought that Squirt is the spiritual successor to Diablo's previous Wirt, the merchant from Diablo I that was killed in Diablo II.

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

Squirt the Peddler is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Sales and Tales</achievement>