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Priest Tobio was one of the two most trusted friends who sat at the right hand of Lord Juris Khan. Only to Tobio and Gregus Mazi did Lord Juris Khan reveal the vision of the Archangel Mirakodus. Both translated into reality what the vision asked of Khan in order to cast the spell that would transcend Ureh into Heaven.

Unbeknown to his servants, Lord Juris Khan had been corrupted by Diablo who appeared before him as Archangel Mirakodus. Instead of leading the people of Ureh to Heaven, in fact he was sending the city of Ureh to Hell. Not even Khan knew he was serving Diablo.

Only Gregus Mazi discovered mid-spell what the purpose of the spell truly served. There was a piggyback spell hidden in the master spellwork that would take the lifeforce of all the priests and mages participating in order to trascend Ureh to Hell.

Gregus Mazi was teleported away from Ureh when he broke himself from the ritual. The imbalance caused the spell to go awry. Instead of reaching Hell, they remained in a timeless limbo between Heaven and Hell.

All the priests and mages died except for Tobio. Their life force consumed by the spell.

Priest Tobio helped Lord Juris Khan. However, soon Tobio found out his lord had succumbed to madness and had been corrupted by the so-called Archangel Mirakodus.

For his treacherous and offensive words, Lord Juris Khan imprisoned Priest Tobios. Lord Juris Khan forced upon his own daughter Atanna and all the citizens of Ureh to take the gift from Archangel Mirakodus. They were transformed into unliving. Not alive, not quite dead either. They were like cadavers, a dry husk of a body with a gaping round hole for a mouth and sharp bony claws.

In this timeless limbo, the now gifted Lord Juris Khan and Atanna, who allowed Diablo to access their bodies as hosts, created Key to Light and Key to Shadow. Their citizens helped to place the Key to Shadow beneath the palace, in the caverns. While the Key of Light would be placed at the top of Mountain Nymyr.

This would allow Lord Juris Khan to return the city of Ureh back to the mortal plane, thus permanently binding a gateway between Hell and Sanctuary and other realms.

Gregus Mazi somehow sensed this, and recruited Captain Humbart Wessel and his mercenaries to help him reach Ureh. Gregus Mazi entered the city stealthed by his magic.

He freed Priest Tobio from his prison, and both decided to put an end to Lord Juris Khan's madness to prevent Diablo and the forces of Hell from creating this gate to Sanctuary.

To have a chance at all they separated. If Lord Juris Khan went after one of them, the other could accomplish the mission. Gregus Mazi went to the deep caverns beneath the palace of Ureh to destroy the Key to Shadow.

Priest Tobio climbed the top of Mountain Nymyr to destroy the Key to Light.

Gregus Mazi couldn't destroy the Key to Shadow. Lord Juris Khan cast a spell that bound Gregus Mazi to a stalactite with his arms and legs pinned back. His flesh became stone and mineral, condemned eternally to be part of Mountain Nymyr itself, and to be an unwilling guardian of the Key of Shadow.

Lord Juris Khan assaulted Tobio at the top of Nymyr with lightning, slaying him. However, not before Tobio threw the Key of Light to the other side of Mountain Nymyr where none of the inhabitants of Ureh could reach it without getting burned to death. None of the inhabitants could leave the perimeter of the city. The sun would burn them, and even at night they would see the same fate.

Without the Key of Light in place, Ureh wouldn't permanently materialize in the mortal plane. Instead, it would materialize once a day or every so often.

Thus, Lord Juris Khan awaited a time when people would get near the city to lure them in to request the placement of the Key to Light to the top of Nymyr. More over at Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow.

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