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Kalan is an author who lived during the Sin War when the fate of Sanctuary was decided by angel and demon kinds. It is the name given to Mendeln by Trag'Oul after the end of the war. It means "Teacher" in the language of Trag'Oul.

"I would call you Kalan. In the name of that which I am, it means Teacher, for you have risen too high to be called by me a mere student... and we have need of you to show others the truth of the Balance". -Trag'Oul

Background[edit | edit source]

The name Kalan is only mentioned after the Sin War, when the name is given to Mendeln, and in the Leafs of the Books of Kalan, which talk about the events that took place at the Sin War. He is also the first and possibly last disciple of Rathma, chosen to further spread the ways of Trag'Oul and the Balance.

Kalan's decision to write the tomes is made in order to tell the masses about their history, about Sanctuary being saved by his brother's sacrifice.

"But the past could not be forgotten. Mendeln - no, Kalan - was determined to see to that. Already he had plans to mark down on both parchment and stone all that he could recall, if only for the sake of those who followed his path. The world could not forget the lesson of Uldyssian and the hope that his sacrifice had gained for all."

Leafs of The Books of Kalan are quoted as Prologues of each book of The Sin War Trilogy.

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