Diablo: The Veiled Prophet

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The Veiled Prophet is the third Diablo Novel in the Sin War Trilogy. It was written by Richard Knaak and published in 2007.


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Diablo: The Veiled Prophet is a Diablo novel, and may not be directly related to any of the games, but contains important lore information about the Diablo universe that is canon.

SPOILER WARNING! This article contains spoilers about the Diablo universe and Diablo: The Veiled Prophet!

Description[edit | edit source]

The demon-backed Triune has fallen. All that now stands in Uldyssian's path to freeing humanity is the Cathedral of Light and its charismatic leader the Prophet. But the Prophet is actually the renegade angel Inarius, who sees the world he created as his uncontested domain. Facing a cunning foe that would just as readily see Sanctuary destroyed than let it slip from his grasp, Uldyssian is blind to the others who would possess his world. Both the Burning Hells and the High Heavens now know of Sanctuary... and their warring hosts of demons and angels will stop at nothing to claim it.