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The Burning Hells,or just Hell is the home of all demons, and the eternal foe of the High Heavens. The inhabitants of Hell are lead by the Great Evils, seven immensely powerful demons, who have serious problems cooperating.

History of the Great Evils from Sanctuary Onward[edit | edit source]

The Burning Hells have been around since the dawn of time in the diablo universe. It has been in existence for far longer than Sanctuary for sure. The Great Conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells had been raging for countless millennia, with both sides being equal... at least, until sanctuary's creation.

The Great Evils are split into the Lesser Evils and the Prime Evils. The Primes are the most powerful demons in creation, matching the power of the Angiris Council. They are Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal. The Lessers are superior to all demons except the Prime Evils.

Prime Evils

Lesser Evils

Sometimes attributed as a Lesser Evil is Lilith.

Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

The angel Inarius and the powerful demoness Lilith were the first of a small group to become lovers over the borders of Heaven and Hell. They created Sanctuary as their home, and although created in a vastly different way than humans procreate, had offspring they called nephalem. Inarius used the worldstone to conceal sanctuary from the eyes of other demons and angels. Fearing the power of the nephalem, he banished Lilith and used the worldstone to tune down the nephalem's power. Inarius waged an underground war with mephisto's son for control humanity for a while, until the nephalem somehow gained power and destroyed both factions.

The main forces of Heaven and Hell noticed Sanctuary during the defeat of Inarius. Demons and angels alike were afraid to let this new power grow aware and strong, and wanted to destroy it. The Angiris Council with Tyrael in the lead were prepared to do just this.

The nephalem however, proved to be individual and of free will, so in the end, Sanctuary was spared by both races, but only by the aid of Tyraels vote on the angel's side. The Worldstone was once again set to dampen the energy of the nephalem, and they were forgotten with the aid of a mass mind wipe. Evil did not openly act on sanctuary for many more years. This period was known as the Sin War.

The Dark Exile[edit | edit source]

With minute careful planning, the Prime Evils manipulated the Lesser Evils of Azmodan and Belial to revolt against the Three, exiling them on to Sanctuary. While there, the prime evils ravaged the human kingdoms.

Capturing the Three[edit | edit source]

The rampage by the Prime Evils made the disperse mage clans of the humans unite as a group they called the Horadrim, a group of the most powerful sorcerers the human race had ever seen. The Archangel Tyrael contacted them and gave them Soulstones to capture the Prime Evils with.

Led by Tal Rasha and Jered Cain, the Horadrim found Mephisto in the Kehjistan jungles, and managed to capture him within the Soulstone meant for him. He was buried under the Temple of Light in what would become Kurast and guarded by a large section of the magi brotherhood.

Baal was found and defeated in the Aranoch desert, not too far from Lut Gholein. However, the demon lord managed to shatter the Soulstone, and an improvised prison was used for Baal. Tal Rashas very soul would help contain the demon, chained to a Binding Stone in the Tomb of Tal Rasha, located in the Canyon of the Magi.

Jered Cain led the remaining Horarim to the West, and caught up with Diablo near the river Talsande, who managed to escape from the east. They fought a bitter and hard battle, with heavy losses, but managed to subdue the lord of terror. He was imprisoned in his Soulstone and buried in caves nearby, whereupon the Tristram Cathedral was built.

They slowly corrupted the soulstones and the areas around him with effects that are later mentioned.

Return of the Three[edit | edit source]

Some centuries later, after the taskless Horadrim brotherhood had all but disappeared, Mephisto managed to reach out to the local Zakarum priesthood in the now sprawling city of Kurast and draw them to him. He corrupted the council and brought the lands under his power.

Whether or not Lord Leoric, a very well known pious man, came from these expeditions or not is unknown. Regardless, he brought with him the Zakarum religion to Khanduras from the East, and made himself King with his seat of power in Tristram, the very same location Diablo was still imprisoned. Diablo tried to corrupt Leoric. The attempt failed, but broke Leoric's mind. His Archbishop and advisor Lazarus was susceptible, and was corrupted by Diablo. Lazarus gave him Leoric's only son Albrecht as a host to possess.

Diablo's power was wreaking havoc upon Tristram, and although the mad King Leoric eventually was killed by his trusted commander Lachdanan, the worries did not end. The Cathedral was still spewing out evil beasts, and after his death Leoric returned as the skeleton king and corrupted all his former knights butLachdanan, who managed to escape his wrath.In the first diablo game Lachdanan, can be found in a side quest in the deepest areas of the labyrinth.

Many adventurers traveled down in the labyrinths beneath the Cathedral in search for fame and fortune, but all died, fled, or went mad. One day came an unknown man (later confirmed to be Leoric's son, Aidan did manage to reach the deepest parts of the labyrinth and find Diablo in a section that had already begun to corrupt into a likeness of Hell. The Aidan slew diablo and shoved his soulstone into his own head.

Aidan tried to contain the demon within himself, to bring it to the Eastern mage clans for a final defeat. However, he could not resist the overwhelming influence of diablo and became the Dark Wanderer.

The Dark Wanderer[edit | edit source]

Some time after the release of Diablo and his travels to the East in the guise of the Dark Wanderer, Diablo and/or Mephisto regained some control of Hell again, as the Lesser Evils of Andariel and Duriel once again stood by the Prime Evils. They were told to guard the locations they were assigned to, likely to delay the hero.

The Dark Wanderer did indeed turn East, but at this point was corrupted beyond saving as Diablo. Before leaving tristram, it appears that he was with the witch Adria long enough to birth a daughter, Leah, who was important in the future for Diablo to return. The demonic decoys slowed down the heroes, and with the help of his companion Marius, the Dark Wanderer managed to free Baal from his prison in the Tomb of Tal Rasha despite Tyrael physically intervening. Tyrael assigned Marius the task of destroying the soulstone, the result of which will be explained later.

The heroes arrived too late to stop the freeing of Baal, but managed to free Tyrael, which was bound to the Binding Stone in place of Baal.

Diablo Returns To Hell[edit | edit source]

Despite attempts to stop it, the portal to hell was opened with the aid of Mephisto, and Diablo went through. Mephisto guarded the portal but was slain by the heros, who went through the portal after Diablo. After opening the 5 seals, the heros defeated Diablo on his own turf. It is unclear if that was part of his plan to become the prime evil, although it is unlikely a demon would plan to be killed twice in under a decade. He was not seen again for 20 years.

The Worldstone Corrupted[edit | edit source]

While the heros were distracted hunting diablo, Baal took advantage of this opportunity and amassed a huge army to defeat the barbarian kingdoms. With the aid of Nihlathak, he bypassed the Ancients and managed to corrupt the worldstone before the heros defeated him. Tyrael had to destroy it, or the tides of hell would flood into sanctuary. Known activity of hell stops here for 20 years.

Belial and Azmodan Invade Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

It is unknown when their activities actually started, but 20 years after the defeat of Baal the Nephalem, who just recently discovered their powers, were informed by a mortal Tyrael the evils once again walked the world. They also met Decard Cain and Leah. Unfortuinately, Cain was slain by a servant of Belial named Maghda. They traveled to Caldeum, where Belial had already taken over the guard and the palace, as well as the form of the emperor. Maghda was slain by the Nephalem. In time, the nephalem discovered Belial's identity and slew him in the palace. Right before his death, the Nephalem retrieved the Black Soulstone with the aid of leah's mother Adria, and Belial's soul was absorbed into the stone, along with every other evil but Azmodan. It appears the others were marked before death.

The Prime Evil[edit | edit source]

When azmodan was defeated, Adria betrayed the Nephalem and used the Black Soulstone's power to turn Leah into the Prime Evil. However, he was defeated while he was in the process of permanently defeating Heavan, by the Nephalem.

Since the Prime Evil's fall, no other activity by any of the evils has been recorded.

Known Hell Locations[edit | edit source]

Likely Hell Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Abyss - Where demons spawn. Not necessarily part of the Burning Hells.
  • Levels 13-16 in Diablo 1.