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Lut Gholein by the sea.

Lut Gholein, or The Jewel of the Desert is located in the aranoch desert and is one of the biggest trading centres of the Western Kingdoms. It is also the town area of Act II in Diablo II. It's not know if it will appear in Diablo 3, but it is an important part of the lore of Sanctuary.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lut Gholein night-time.

The Jewel of the Desert has managed to become a huge trading post, despite being located in the Aranoch desert, mainly because of its very good location as the midpoint between the Western Kingdoms and Kehjistan.

Lut Gholein is a very large and rich city on the western edge of the Twin Seas and has actually prospered in the merciless environment of Aranoch. Most credit this to the city's coastal location and strong sea trading ties with the kingdoms to the east and west. Although a few bands of nomadic people have found ways to survive in this hostile desert, most steer clear of these sandy wastelands.

The culture and architecture is very similar to Earth's Arabic countries, while outlying ruins and dungeons in the desert has a distinctively more Egyptian feel with mummies and scarabs.

Defenses[edit | edit source]

This large city usually has very good defenses, including well-built wall structures and a well-trained army. However, during the arrival of the Dark Wanderer, many guards have been slain and the rest were ordered back into the Palace to defend it against an internal invasion of demons from the Arcane Sanctuary. Although this was not public knowledge, and Jerhyn, the Sultan kept it under wraps.

Jerhyn hired Greiz and his mercenaries to protect the city instead. They did a good job, but in the end could not hold against the demons beyond the city walls.

Fortunately, a hero arrived and managed to help the city with the troubles outside the walls as well as inside the Palace.

Background[edit | edit source]

Lut Gholein interpreted into a Call of Duty 4 map.
A look at the Diablo II version of Lut Gholein.

Lut Gholein has been around for hundreds of years and has prospered, but 20 years ago, the town was more or less cut off from the Western Kingdoms by Diablo stopping the trade routes through the mountains. He travelled here to free his brother Baal from the Horadrim prison, where he was locked in the body of Tal Rasha.

Diablo also altered much of the natural wildlife, including the lacuni to ferociously attack anyone passing by.

The town itself was tormented by Radament who is another mummified Horadric mage possessed by a demon. Radament was hiding in the city sewers below.

A group of heroes disposed of the possessed mummy, and went on a quest by Deckard Cain to use the Horadric Cube to restore the Horadric Staff to stop Diablo from freeing Baal in the Tomb of Tal Rasha.

In the midst of all this, The Summoner started releasing demons into the Palace of Lut Gholein, killing anything in sight.

All the troubles were dealt with by the heroes, and many citizens have suppressed these memories to the point where it's more myth than legend.

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