Arcane Sanctuary

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The Arcane Sanctuary is a location in Act 2 of Diablo 2 and the 8th Waypoint for the Act 2 Waypoint Scroll. The Arcane Sanctuary holds a constant force of Blood Clan, Ghoul Lords and Specters, including The Summoner.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

During the previous quests, as you obtain the headpiece, the Horadric Cube, and the shaft, eliminate the orb of the viper, and kill Radament, Deckard Cain informs you that you should speak to Jerhyn, the captain of the Town Guard about the next plan into using the horadric staff. Once you speak to Jerhyn, he allows you to cross the Harem as many of his guards have died attempting to sanctionize the place of Diablo's minions. You cross and go deeper down the Harem until you encounter a portal that leads you to the Arcane Sanctuary. Once you find and kill the summoner, you encounter a tome that reveals to you the true tomb of Tal Rasha against the other 6 fake tombs. Also, the tome opens a portal to the Canyon of the Magi that includes the Tomb's of Tal Rasha and of the Waypoint for the Canyon of the Magi.

General Area[edit | edit source]

You Begin the Entrance of the Arcane Sanctuary by going through a portal opened in the {iw|Palace_Cellar Palace Cellar}}level 3, deep under the harem and under Lut Gholein itself. As you enter the portal, you immediately encounter the waypoint which is right in the center of the entire map. With the waypoint, there are four different paths to take, and each one accounts for a similar design to the other. 3 of these paths are fake and will lead you to chests with plentiful treasure inside, and one of these paths lead you to the Summoner and the portal to the Canyon of the Magi, as well as the Waypoint too.

The Four Paths[edit | edit source]

The Four paths never change in detail, but they will change in which direction they are heading and if they will contain the summoner itself. The first path is the simple double rectangle shaped path with no wierd puzzles in the meantime. Although this path is easy to manuever, there will be some lightning towers ahead as well as some traps. The Second path is somewhat similar to the first but it has a giant staircase tower with an optical illusion detailed in the meantime. Although it seems at first that you would have to tread different directions to find the Summoner, they actually only head to two: the way your going and the way you came from with the exception of one of the staircases intersecting to the dividing line of the two rectangles. The third path is an array of portals and this one is possibly the most confusing to tread. Fortunately, only game players can go through these portals and not the creeps themselves, but Specters can still fly their way across and Ghoul Lord's can use their ranged spells to their advantage. The fourth and final path is like the first and second but has a simple staircase leading to a small defunct platform across, and since each path has the two rectangles stacked across each other pattern, once you've traversed a few of the paths, you should get the hang of each one.