The Realms Beyond

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The Realms Beyond is an ancient Tome in Diablo I that can be found in the labyrinth beneath the Tristram Cathedral.

The Realms Beyond[edit | edit source]

An excerpt from the Realms Beyond:

"All praises to Diablo - Lord of Terror and Survivor of the Dark Exile. When he awakened from his long slumber, my Lord and Master spoke to me of secrets that few mortals know. He told me the Kingdoms of the High Heavens and the Pits of the Burning Hells engage in an eternal war. He revealed to me the powers that have brought this discord to the realms of Man. My Lord and Master has named the battle for this world and all who exist here the Sin War."

Archbishop Lazarus is usually accredited to have written this Tome. He was as far as anyone know the only real "cultist" of Diablo at the time it's presumed to have been written. The other thing is that The Realms Beyond, Tale of the Three and The Black King are written with the same style, and the latter mentions things that undeniably has to make the writer Lazarus.

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