The Black King

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The Black King tome is a book found on the 12th level of the caves. It tells the tale of Archbishop Lazarus, the presumed author, who released Diablo from his Soulstone and kidnapped Prince Albrecht. It also tells the sad tale of King Leoric and his descent into madness.

The Black King[edit | edit source]

The following is an excerpt from The Black King:

"Hail and sacrifice to Diablo, Lord of Terror and Destroyer of Souls. When I awoke my Master from his sleep, he attempted to posses a mortal's form. Diablo attempted to claim the body of King Leoric, but my master was too weak from his imprisonment. My Lord required a simple and innocent anchor to this world, and so found the boy Albrecht perfect for the task. While the good King Leoric was left maddened by Diablo's unsuccessful possession, I kidnapped his son Albrecht and brought him before my Master. I now await Diablo's call and pray that I will be rewarded when he at last emerges as the Lord of this world."

Archbishop Lazarus is usually accredited to have written this Tome. He was as far as anyone know the only real "cultist" of Diablo at the time it's presumed to have been written. The other thing is that The Realms Beyond, Tale of the Three and The Black King are written with the same style, and the latter mentions things that undeniably has to make the writer Lazarus.

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