Diablo: The Black Road

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Diablo: The Black Road was published 2002 and was written by Mel Odom. It is the second book in the Diablo series.


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Diablo: The Black Road is a Diablo novel, and may not be directly related to any of the games, but contains important lore information about the Diablo universe that is canon.

SPOILER WARNING! This article contains spoilers about the Diablo universe and Diablo: The Black Road!

Description[edit | edit source]

Darrick Lang is coming home. Years ago he left the town of Bramwell to walk the wide world as a soldier of fortune and champion of the realm. But Bramwell is not as he left it. Something dark and terrifying has ensnared the townsfolk, something very old and very patient, tangling innocents in a web of malice and profaning the very earth itself. Now that same power calls to Darrick... and his only hope may be to walk the same perilous path of damnation.