Cathedral of Light

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One of the two major religions in Diablo: The Sin War novels.

Description[edit | edit source]

Cathedral of Light

Consists of the following

  • The Prophet
  • Senior Priests
  • Master inquisitor (High Cleric)
  • Inquisitors
  • Novices?

Cathedral of Light: Humanity's combined efforts would best see it achieve its ultimate destiny.

The Prophet[edit | edit source]

Clad in floor-length robes of white, luminous silver-blue eyes, Ivory skin, golden locks. Lithe and very fit, although not overly muscular like the Inquisitor guards standing attention outside his sanctum doors. He was, by the opinion of all who had seen him, simply perfect.

Prophet = Inarius, once of the Angiris Council, once a commander of the Heavenly hosts.

Senior Priests

  • Gamuel
  • Oris

High Inquisitors wear a golden medallion in the shape of a sunburst. The centerpiece is a clear gemstone that glistered even despite the cloud cover.

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