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One of the two major religions in Diablo: The Sin War novels.

Description[edit | edit source]

Temple of Triune

Consists of the following

  • The Primus
  • High Priests
  • Priests
  • Acolytes
  • Peace Warders (The militant force of the triune)

The Temple of Triune: Power of the individual

The grand temple of the Triune - located two days ride south of Kehjan - was a sprawling, triangular edifice with three high towers each situated at one of the points. The pinnacles themselves were three-sided with each face marked by one of the holy order. Triangular windows lined the towers from bottom to the top. Nearly all things concerning the structure were of a similar triple nature. To reach the entrance - which faced Kehjan - pilgrims needed to ascend three levels, with each level consisting of thirty-three steps. At the entrance itself, three massive bronze doors-also triangular-allowed the faithful into the vast welcoming hall within., Worshippers were naturally greeted within by glorious effigies of the three guiding spirits:

Bala the Creator loomed on the left, the androgynous figure clad in the robe of its order. In Bala's hands were a mystical hammer and a bag, which according to the clerics contained the seed of all life. Both nature and the architectural triumphs of Humanity were under the auspices of this spirit.

Dialon hovered to the right, the marble statue much akin to the first save that this figure held to its breast the Tablets of Order. Dialon brought purpose to Humanity, and the tablets taught how to achieve blessedness. As with Bala, Dialon followers wore the colors associated with those following the principles of Determination.

Mefis stood in the center who carried nothing but cupped its hands as if cradling the most tender of infants. Without Love, Creation and Determination could not thrive, to taught the Grand Priest-the primus-who some said surely had to be the child of Mefis, so caring was he of his flock.

Under each of the giants, another bronze door gave way to the grand chambers of the various orders. Pilgrims and novices who found one preferable over the other would enter through these and listen to the words of that particular high priest. Peace Warders, cowled guards in leather who wore the symbols of all three order on their chest, guided newcomers to their most likely choice. Within each chamber several hundred could kneel in prayer at one time.

And when the Primus himself made an appearance, the walls between the three order- walls which although they had the facade of stone, were made of wood- were slid back into hidden niches so that all could bask in the Grand Priest's noble presence. Upon elevated dais before his followers the leader of the Triune would bring forth the word of the Three.

The Primus[edit | edit source]

The grand priest's (the Primus) voice was pure music. His face could have been chiseled from marble so unmarred was it. He had long flowing hair of silver with a short well trimmed beard that matched it. His features were very angular and his eyes were of a fleaming emerald. He was taller and stronger-looking than most men, but despite his commanding appearance, moved at all times with a practiced gentleness.

The Primus = Lucion, for a brief time Astrogha and after that taking the mantle for her own nefarious deeds Lilith. Lilith was later encapsulated in a sphere made by Inarius.

Three high priests[edit | edit source]

Chief among them: the tall athletic Malic, senior of those of his rank. He was the right hand of the Primus even to the other high priests. Order of mefis. Malic has been gives a gift by the primus which let's him see in the dark as perfectly as he did during the day. Refereed as eminence from his underlings. After his failure to deliver Uldyssian to the primus, he was given another gift by the primus, a demonic arm. He was later killed by [Lylia]]. And resurrected as a ghost/spectre by Mendeln.

Arihan High Priest for Dialon.

???? High Priest for Bala.

The three true doctrines of the triune: Hate, Destruction and Terror.

Acolytes of the Triune wear a red circle on their robes to represent the common Kehjan emblem for the heart.

Temples in

  • Near Kehjan
  • Toraja
  • Hashir
  • Kalinash
  • Istani

Role in Diablo 3[edit | edit source]

Cultists are one of the first seen foes in Diablo 3. They are recent followers of the Temple of the Triune.

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