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Nihlathak is a Diablo II NPC, and is found in Harrogath, the town of Act five.

(He is also a monster, when he turns traitor halfway through the act.) Nihlathak is the lone surviving elder of the Barbarian high council, and has been driven nearly to madness by his worries about his people and his grief at the many deaths he has witnessed. He is embittered and dour, and his dialogues are far from welcoming.

Nihlathak serves as a merchant when characters first arrive, offering a gambling service. He vanishes from town when the third quest becomes active, and does not return. Anya takes over his role as the gambling NPC when she returns to town upon completion of the fourth quest.

Since Nilathak was killed by the Barbarian hero (and possibly others), he is unlikely to reappear in Diablo III. However, evil seldom dies, and he might come back to haunt us in one way or another...

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