Gregus Mazi

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Gregus Mazi was the only sorcerer to survive in Ureh. He was part of Lord Juris Khan's elite circle of mages and priests that cast the great spellwork that opened the way to Heaven. Gregus Mazi's faith faltered at that last moment and he was the only one left behind.

Gregus Mazi abandoned Ureh. As he looked back, he saw a red light engulf Ureh, and a second ethereal twin city could be seen floating above into the heaven. Gregus Mazi was found by necromancers of Rathma and stayed with them until his mind healed. He departed later, and travelled the world in search of things he needed. Although he was part of the spellwork that made Ureh ascend to Heaven, he did not know everything involved in the spellwork.

Twelve years later, Gregus Mazi returned to Ureh leaving behind his wake various memories and investigations. Hundred of years later, Quov Tsin collected various books and scrolls written by Gregus Mazi to search Ureh's location and based on his calculations recreated the spell to open the way to Heaven..

Humbart Wessel was the captain of the mercenaries that accompanied Gregus Mazi to return to Ureh. Humbart wrote a scroll telling the last minutes of Gregus Mazi in this last journey in the mortal realm. Quov Tsin read this ancient scroll and used it to guide his way toward Ureh.

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