Temple of the Triune

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The Temple of the Triune is the opposing relious sect to the Cathedral of Light and is ruled by The Primus and is composed of three deities: Bala, Dialon, and Mefis. Bala stood for Creation, represented by a leaf. Dialon was the spirit of Determination, symbolized by a stubborn ram. The spirit of Mefis symbolized Love, and acolytes of Mefis wore a red circle on their breastplate to symbolize a heart. The Temple had Peace Warders, who were the warriors of the Temple.

After a long period of the Temple teaching people the way of the three, Uldyssian and his Edyrem reveal to numerous people how terrible the Triune truly is.

The Triune have temples established in various locations and all have a underground area where demonic rituals are practiced. There are also vicious beasts who have no eyes and are merciless called Morlu.

After some logical thinking, it is revealed that the Three Prime Evils, Diablo created Dialon, Baal created Bala, and Mephisto created Mefis in order to take worship from The Prophet--Inarius.

Eventually, all the Temples are defeated by Uldyssian and his Edyrem.